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Honor the Memory of Nate Breaux 

Nate’s family and friends have been devastated by the loss of this amazing man. On December 16, 2023 a tragic fire took Nate’s life and destroyed the historic Fairhaven Terminal Building, including Nate’s beloved Harris Avenue Café and The Old Independent Coffeehouse.


Please help us honor his amazing life by contributing to this fund to create a memorial on Galbraith Mountain in his name!


Nate was a loving father, cherished son and brother and great friend to so many people. His loss left his family, friends and the Bellingham community with a giant hole in our hearts.


In the days following the fire, we heard story after story of ways Nate had made a positive and lasting impact on friends, coworkers, customers and total strangers - whether it be sharing food with employees during COVID, serving a meal to a homeless man at the café, sharing fun times and adventures or simply listening and coaching a friend through a tough situation.


Many people asked Nate’s family how they could contribute to a memorial to express their love for Nate and to honor his life.


His friends suggested a fitting memorial to honor him would be sponsoring a mountain biking trail on Galbraith Mountain. Nate loved mountain biking on Galbraith Mountain and was well known for helping new biking enthusiasts to not just learn to mountain bike but also to build and maintain their own bike. He hoped to someday have a trail sponsored by Harris Avenue Cafe’.


He enjoyed introducing his 3 year old daughter Izabella to the joy of biking and was eager for the day when he could take her mountain biking with him on Galbraith. Unfortunately that dream was cut short.


Nate’s family and friends have partnered with the Whatcom Mountain Biking Coalition to sponsor a memorial on Galbraith Mountain in loving memory of Nate. All funds we receive will go directly to WMBC to support a memorial to Nate; the exact memorial will depend on how much is raised. Our goal is $35,000 for a mountain biking trail and bench on Galbraith. Any funds raised in excess of the cost of the trail and bench will be used by WMBC to sponsor mountain biking opportunities for children.


Our dream is that we can install a trail and bench where people who share Nate’s love of the outdoors and biking will find joy. We intend to place a bench in his honor at a scenic location that is easily accessible by his daughter, parents, family and friends to visit in remembrance of his vibrant life. We hope that in some small way this trail will bring joy to his loved ones and be a place that his daughter will one day go to be close to her father’s spirit.


Thank you for your continued love and support as well as contributions to Nate’s Memorial Fund.


Please leave any remembrances you have of Nate when you make your donation as well as any suggestions for the memorial.

Proposed Pump Track and Skills Zone on Lummi Nation

The Bronco Wild Fund is a community outreach program through Ford that granted ambassadors Paris Gore and Micayla Gatto a total of $20,000 to donate to a cause of their choice. They choose the Lummi Nation Bike Program to donate to! Half of the funds were used to purchase 13 bikes, 2 racks, helmets, and gear from Specialized for the Lummi Nation High School mountain bike program led by Randy Kuai and Nate Kamkoff - both teachers at the school. Paris and Micayla organized a bike building party in conjunction with WMBC staff members to show the kids how to put together bikes and get them excited to ride.

The other half of the grant is saved for the future building of a bike park on the High School grounds. More planning and fundraising for this bike park will happen in the spring, 2024 - keep an eye out! Paris has been going on rides with the students as much as possible and helping them get mentors in the community!

Pista de bombas propuesta y zona de habilidades en Birchwood Park

¡¡Necesitamos tu ayuda!! La WMBC y la Asociación de Vecinos de Birchwood están recaudando fondos para construir un Pump Track y un área de habilidades en Birchwood Park. La construcción estimada sería la primavera de 2020 y el costo es de $ 50,000.

¿Qué son Pump Tracks?

  • Circuitos cerrados artificiales con rodillos en el medio y bermas en cada extremo.

  • Diseñado para circular sin pedalear.

  • En un entrenamiento de cuerpo completo, los ciclistas usan su cuerpo para bombear, o empujar hacia abajo en la inmersión después de una elevación y tirar hacia arriba antes de la cima de un montículo, a lo largo del circuito continuo.

¿Por qué Birchwood Park?

  • Ubicación ideal de la pista de la bomba.

  • Topografía plana con mucha luz.

  • De fácil acceso para niños pequeños y padres: Bay to Baker Trail.

  • Seguro para niños y protegido por espacios abiertos.

  • La ubicación del campo es utilizada con moderación por los asistentes al parque.

  • Fácil estacionamiento y acceso desde Squalicum Creek Park.

¿Cuales son los beneficios?

  • Las pistas de bombeo son divertidas para ciclistas de todas las edades y habilidades.

  • Birchwood Park es fácilmente accesible desde varios vecindarios (King Mountain, Lettered Streets, Birchwood, Columbia, Cornwall).

  • Las familias ya viajan al parque Squalicum usando Bay to Baker Trail, lo que hace que el uso sea consistente con el parque actual.

  • 2 populares clubes de ciclismo de montaña en Alderwood y Birchwood Elementaries.

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